Did your boss just stick you with the horrendous task of coming up with spectacular gifts for your companies important business contacts and associates? Or maybe it’s the annual company office party that was dumped in your lap that needs to look impressive… with a pretty slim budget and still be something everybody will like.

Have you thought about having a Fruit Floral Arrangement as your centerpiece this year? Or have you heard terrible things about fruit quality, inconsistent product appearance or that they just plain taste bad and are way too expensive? Perhaps you’ve received one of these ‘mass produced’ monstrosities yourself and was unable to say with any certainty exactly what the fruit was supposed to be because it tasted… well, not like any fruit you’d ever had before.

Pssst! There’s a new place in the area thats so much better!

Crazee Daisee Edible Fruit Arrangements serves the entire Bucks & Montgomery Counties in PA and Mercer and

Holiday fruit centerpiece

Merree Berree

Hunterdon Counties in NJ and are GUARANTEED to be peeled fresh for each order! There’s no advance cutting and slicing only to be stored in a plastic container in the fridge for a few days before it gets stuffed into your fruit arrangement. Each order is cut and peeled only a couple hours before you receive it so that you are guaranteed the best possible taste experience.

No MYSTERY FRUIT here! Only delicious, healthy and beautifully crafted arrangements that are the perfect gift for everyone on your list. And our products are such a better value too!

If you want better quality, better service and a better experience overall, give us a call or see our website to order.

www.CRAZEEDAISEE.com             (267) 247-5446