Happy Hannukah!   Merry Christmas!!   Happy Kwanza!! From the owners of Crazee Daisee Edible Fruit Arrangements!

To all our neighbors and customers in Bucks, Montgomery, Mercer and Hunterdon Counties…

We’d like you to tell us about YOUR experiences, YOUR stories and YOUR complaints about receiving a Fruit Floral Arrangement, even if it’s a complaint about us! Especially if it’s a complaint about us!

We want to be the BEST in customer service in the SE Pennsylvania and central western NJ areas and to do that… we need to know what tick’s you off about receiving or sending them!

  • Did you receive an arrangement and the delivery person left it on your doorstep in the middle of August in 90 degree heat?
  • Or maybe you placed and order and a mistake was made, but when it was brought to the store owner/managers attention they didn’t exactly treat your concern with very much respect? Possibly they didn’t even apologize for it?
  • How about this, the arrangement you received was filled with ‘mystery fruit’ that no one was able to identify the taste of?

Come on and vent about it! We’re trying to change the bad rep by making sure that we use only the best materials and treat your order with the respect it deserves, and we need to hear from you!